Specially designed equipments for ophthalmic / (medical) and the optical trade
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This refraction unit has a compact design which ensures optimal functionality of the instruments and can be installed in a minimum space. The refraction unit is so planned that it simplifies all functions offering the best cost performance ratio having all quality features of a Plantech products.

Professionals can install all their equipments on this newly designed unit.

The ergonomic seat design ensures patient comfort and he/she can have the eyes examined in a relaxed posture.

•  Motorised Up-Down Movement of the Chair
•  Retinoscope/Ophthaimoscope well
•  Manual Back Rest Reclination
•  Chart Projector Arm
•  Built in Foot Rest
•  Near Vision Arm
•  Table Top for Twin Instruments
•  Overhead Reading Lamp
•  Built in Trial Lens Set Tray
•  Indirect Ophthalmoscope Arm (Optional)

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