Specially designed equipments for ophthalmic / (medical) and the optical trade
Slit Lamp SL100
Phaco Stand - Diplomax
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Match more than your Expectation
Superior Multi Coated Optical Lenses

•  Clarity of Image
•  Fine Details To Viewer

Binoculars Provide
•  Interior Chamber Depth Perception

Imported Filters
Built in Filters with Specific Transmission
•  Cobalt Blue
•  Red Free
•  13% Neutral Density
•  Heat Absorbing

•  Brilliant Illumination with Halogen Lamp 6V 20W
•  Inclining Slit Beam : With 20° Degrees in Step of 5° Degrees from
•  Observation Axis making it easy for
•  Gonioscopic
•  Funduscopy
•  Contact Lens Fitting

•  Variable Slit Width 1mm to 10mm continuously
•  Variable Slit Length 0.2mm to 10 mm continuously

Superior Positioning Controls
•  Smooth Omni Directional Joystick

•  Imported binoculars can be provided on request.

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