Specially designed equipments for ophthalmic / (medical) and the optical trade
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  Technical Specialties :
  •   Custom-developed to satisfy ALL requirements of
  •   The patient can be efficiently prepared for the operation, operated
      on,  and offered post-operative care on, POT 06
  •   Easy transformation from a smooth transportation chair into a       versatile operation table.
  •   Ergonomic design, with various position settings.
  •   Multi-Adjustable Head Rest can be tilted independently and
      smoothly height- adjusted, enabling the patient's head to be kept in
      a convenient position.
  •   Ample leg-room for surgeons.
  •   High load-bearing, stable Castors wheel for easy movement.
  •   Hand control panel and foot control for all movements.
  •   Smooth, CE-marked TIWAN DC Motor-controlled chair lifting and
      back & forth positioning.

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