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About Plantech India

In 1991 a group of technocrats combined their professional skills and produced products which were accepted as good import substitute and the Indian, ophthalmic industry had its domestic revolution with indigenous manufacturing. The plantech brand over the years has created its niche is the Indian Ophthalmic community of manufacturers.

Plantech has had to its credit several firsts in products, since its first Refraction Unit was produced.

Engineering comes easy to some who are in the me-too category. However at Plantech there is a quest for innovating products or features in their products line, bringing a larger product range under its brand name.

Our current products Range includes :

•  Plantech Refraction Unit Model PO-EU
•  Plantech Chair Stand Unit CS 2000
•  Plantech Chair Stand Unit CS 2000 (SL)
•  Plantech Chair Stand Unit CS 04
•  Plantech Vision Drum
•  Plantech Doctors Stool
•  Plantech Operation Table OPTB – 500
•  Plantech Pre- OT Chair POT 06
•  Plantech Slit Lamp SL 100
•  Plantech Motorized Instrument Table
•  Plantech Wheel Chair Accessible Motorized Table
•  Plantech Phoroptor Arm
•  Plantech Auto Chart Projector
•  Plantech Phaco Stand


Our domestic market has always patronised us, for our quality. The components of the products are the best of quality for better products performance, the exterior is designed and finished aesthetically to gateway to export our products outside the country.

The current team of Plantech assure you the best of ophthalmic in India.

You are invited to explore our product range and we solicit inquiries outside India for representation.

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Refraction Unit
PO-EU CS - 2000 CS - 2000(SL) CS - 04
Chart Projector PCP-6 Doctor Stool Wheeler Accessible Instumentation Table Motorised Instrument Table-2
Operation Table OPTB-500 Phaco Stands Pheroster Arm Slit Lamp SL-100
Surgeon Chair Vision Testing Drum