Specially designed equipments for ophthalmic / (medical) and the optical trade
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The classic refraction unit is so engineered that it simplifies all functions offering the best cost performance ratio, having added facilities.

This combination of instruments & equipments mounted on it limits patients movements & helps the practioner with easy and speedy mode of examination. The dust protective and movable trial lens tray is most convenient & it’ssurface cover is provided with extra facility as a prescription table cum contact lens practice space.

Professionals can install all their equipments on this newly designed unit.

•  Motorised Noiseless Up-Down Movement
•  Manual (Gas Syring) Operated Backres
•  Built - in - Footrest
•  Sliding Table Top for Twin Instruments
•  Dust Protected Trial Lens Tray
•  Retino - Ophthalmoscope Well
•  Chart Projector Arm
•  Near Vision Hanger
•  Overhead Reading Lamp
•  Indirect Opthalmoscope Arm
•  Top Surface for Prescription Table
•  Suitable for Contact lens Practice
•  Easy Feather Touch Control

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