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• Refraction Unit
  PO-EU | CS-2000 | CS-2000(SL) | CS-04
Vision Testing Drum
Auto Chart Projector PCP 06
Slit Lamp SL100
• Operation Table
  OPTB 500 | POT06 | Surgen's Chair SC06
• Motorised Instrument Table
  Standard (MIT) | Wheel Chair Accessible MIT
Doctor Stool
Phoroptor Arm
Pacho Stand
  Diplomax | Compact
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Convenient, Speedier
mode of Patients's Examination
Refraction Unit
PO-EU CS - 2000 CS - 2000(SL) CS - 04
Chart Projector PCP-6 Doctor Stool Wheeler Accessible Instumentation Table Motorised Instrument Table-2
Operation Table OPTB-500 Phaco Stands Pheroster Arm Slit Lamp SL-100
Surgeon Chair Vision Testing Drum